Sellers / Check out

Please be sure to indicate which organization you are supporting for when you check out.

  • Temple Israel Sisterhood
  • Temple Israel Early Learning Center- Memphis
  • Agudas Israel- North Carolina

Check out procedure- this is a 6 step process:

  1. Billing: Because we are asking for payment through Paypal (you can use your normal credit cards) or a check mailed to Temple Israel, there really is no “billing” per se. It is a required field in the checkout portion of the site.
  2. Payment Method: Select  Credit Cards or Paypal.  If you do not want to pay online, get an order form from your seller and use that to order bulbs.
  3. Shipping: Shipping will either be to Memphis JCC, Agudas Israel- North Carolina, or directly to buyers/recipients if you have paid for shipping. If you DO want direct shipping, check New Shipping Address and fill in fields. Note that delivery will be $5 if local and $10 if out of town. If you want delivery to more than one shipping address please place multiple orders
  4. Send Method: Select appropriate pickup or shipping option
  5. Cart: There is an area in the section that lets you enter comments. To be sure appropriate organizations, get their due, please specify who you are purchasing bulbs from- TI Sisterhood, Early Learning Center, Agundas Israel, or your specific seller in that in the Comments area.
  6. Checkout Notice: be sure to check that you accept conditions.  You might need to check this twice.

The actual Check Out will happen through Shopping Cart