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Our wonderful sales ladies this year are:
  • Jan Stein 
  • Patty Abraham
  • Nancy Kline
  • Gloria Felsenthal
  • Joyce Graflund
  • BeJay Gronauer 
  • Diane Halperin
  • Sherry Isaacman
  • Deedee Perel
  • Judy Royal
  • Mildred Schiff
  • Daisy Spiro
  • Alice Wexler 
    • Barbara Towbin 
    • Lyn Yukon
    • Tracey Cooper
    • Jane Eckstein and Sue Pfeffer
    • Sheril Greenstein 
    • Robin Orgel
    • Meryl Rosen
    • Debra Saharovich 
    • Barbara Ostrow 
    • Judy Shore
    • Beverly and Joe Lowenthal 
    • Debbie Jackson 


    You can check out on the Checkout or Cart page

    If you are planning on making this a donation, be sure to indicate which organization you are donating to.

    Also check and indicate the place where you want to pick up your bulbs. Delivery of bulbs will be to Memphis JCC as the default, or to the location you select.

    Check out procedure

    On the Checkout page, buying consists of:

    1. Select shipping method in the Cart total section
    2. Click on Proceed to Check out
    3. Fill in Billing Details
    4. If you want send your order to someone else, click on box by Select a Different Address and fill in fields
    5. Select Designee for bulb order, if you have one. Donees are Memphis Jewish Home, Temple Grounds, Plough Towers, or ELC Outdoor Garden
    6. Click on Proceed to PayPal and complete your order with your credit card.

    If you happen to be on the Cart page, skip step 2

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